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This is a digital collection of some of my work. Hopefully it gives you a good overview of what I do and who I am as a designer, though I recommend you to come see my work in real life!

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Mika Schalks 1998

Mika is a multi-disciplinary designer, with a focus on graphic design, illustration and animation.
They have worked as prop-designer and graphic designer for the stop-motion studio Holy Motion in Arnhem.

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Royal Academy of Art, The Hague NL
Graphic Design BA (2017 - 2021)


  • Graduation Show, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague 2021
  • People of Print2020
  • Royal Cult Club, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague 2019
  • The Other Book Fair, The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague2019
  • Event Horizon, Celestial Vault by James Turrell, The Hague2019
  • Utopian Cultural Heritage, The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague2018
  • After School Club, HfG, Offenbach am Main2018
  • CV available on request

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    Pickle Subculture 2019

    Be in a pickle, unknown you!

    Pickle is a sub-culture that wears masks to disturb facial recognition tools, believing in the human brain as a more powerful tool than artificial inteligence. Questioning on our attitude towards this system, we ask for being critical on this society that is dependent on virtual data. Identifying ourselves, we designed masks that display us without being judged with the binary eyes (artificial intelligence).
    “We are playful and unpredictable. We often make fun of the big data, especially if it is pompous and condescending. But it doesn’t mean that we want to stop sending data to it or not using the digital anymore. We just don’t want to follow it without consciousness."

    In collaboration with Handi Kim

    Guide to the mysterious2019

    This guide provides an understanding of the mysterious. How can we understand something that is not understandable by nature?

    Kicking up my heels2019

    A publication about queer icons, with a collection of texts by John Waters, selected excerpts from Butt magazine and more. A publication that I wish I could have read when I was younger.

    Where are my Keys?2019

    PIVOTAL SHOCK The moment you know your keys are lost. That's true magic I think. Shocks overtake you. There is a moving energy. Jeans? No. Jeans again? No. You cannot seem to find those fucking keys. They are lost. (You escape reality for a second. You put them there, right there, you know it.)

    2 by 2 meter flag design, exposed in the collective exhibition from the Royal Cult Club.

    Tennis, Trigonometry, Tornadoes2019

    Publication with a text by David Foster Wallace. Including three loose sheets with illustrations for the story.

    Prismatic Encounters2019

    A fictional melodrama about the conflict of light and color; how they need each other and where they originate from. Experience the most overlooked magic trick that changed the perception of color forever.
    Light projection, set design, photography, RISO poster and illustration.

    Instant Magic Professionals2019

    This comic book is about someone finding an old magic instruction manual from Instant Magic Professionals & Co.

    See the future2019

    This guide describes an oracular machine that presents itself through a tiny tiny hole in the guide. Yet the the machine does not only tell the future, it is also not real. The guide turned into a sculpture and the sculpture turned up the grass slope of James Turrell's Celetial Vault, in the exhibition Event Horizon.

    Nice butt Superman2018

    Big details of comic desire. Why is Superman so extremely muscular? *drool*
    2,4m by 1,2m painting and painted plastic sheet.

    I am not my data2019

    Animated short film based on my Google data from June 23rd 2019. Google/AI assumes a lot of things by analysing peoples data, often correctly, but I hope human memory and emotion will always have more value.

    Music: Daso - Meine.


    This video contains several cultural artifacts from Erotan, a Utopia where eyesight is limited but empathy is fundamental. The artifacts shown are tools for massaging and cleaning, a towel, a guide book and a musical instrument.

    Collaboration with Olga Elliot Shou, Aliz Soos & Aurora Navarro Villacampa.

    Grand Tour2019

    RISO printed poster for Grand Tour 2020 (University of Amsterdam).

    1Q84 - ∞2019

    Video for the fashion collection "1Q84 - ∞" of Shija Hao, using super 8 film, edited together with found footage of big cities. This video was displayed at the KABK fashion Show 2019 in Billytown, The Hague.

    That's not possible - Lookbook Laura Snijders2018

    Magazine for the fashion collection "That's not possible" of Laura Snijders.

    In a field of flowers2019

    I dream of jumping in a field of flowers. 50 by 70cm screenprinted poster.

    ID change2019

    At ID Change you can be whoever you want to be, at least if you pay a lot of money for the identity change services that they provide.

    Pickle subculture
    Guide to the mysterious
    Kicking up my heels
    Where are my keys?
    Tennis, trigonometry, tornadoes
    Prismatic Encounters
    Instant Magic Professionals & Co.
    See the future
    Nice butt Superman
    I am not my data
    Grand Tour
    1Q84 - ∞
    That's not possible - Lookbook
    In a field of flowers
    ID Change